Privacy Policy & Terms

The following document sets out how we use personal data within our business and the terms and conditions associated with your use of our website. Your use of the site is interpreted as acceptance of these terms and policies.

Dalmeny Close Ltd (“we”) is registered in England, Company Number: 07550233. Our registered address is 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, United Kingdom. We are also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for data protection purposes.

The jurisdiction for any disputes is England. Our use of your data is governed by the Data Protection Act 2018 and other UK data protection legislation and regulation.

Privacy Policy

Why we gather and process data

In order to provide services (such as our websites) we have to gather and process data. Examples include:

conducting interviews with people for our content

seeing how people use our site so we can improve the experience we provide

keeping track of who clicks what links, so we can earn commissions and understand how well adverts are working

keeping details about our advertisers, subscribers and clients so we can provide services to them.

We have designed our sites and services to minimise the impact on your privacy. For example, we coded our own Facebook “share” buttons so as not to pass data to Facebook.

Gathering YOUR data

We obtain data as part of our normal interaction with you:

we do not use cookies on this site. If you have found one, it is an old cookie from before 11th November 2019 and is not being monitored

we use Matomo and server data to understand how you use this site so we can improve the experience

when you opt-in to our mailing lists we store your email address. Your data will be held by MailChimp

if you’ve contacted us we will keep data about our conversations. We currently use Google services to manage our email.

We may also discover data about you during research for articles, reports and other content. This will usually be drawn from public sources such as websites and LinkedIn, or via contact forms on your websites.

We do not buy in mailing lists or append your data from third party sources.

Access to YOUR data

If at any point you wish to see the personal data we retain about you, please contact us.

We will send any data that we can identify from you via a secure means. Please be aware that some of this data may not be fully accessible to you if:

it contains information about other people

it is commercially sensitive

it is covered by a non-disclosure agreement (in which case we will direct you to the party the NDA is with to gain their consent)

Processing YOUR data

We will only process your data in the normal course of our business. This will include analytics to understand how our website is used, sending out our regular mailings and producing the reports and returns we’re required under English legislation and regulation.

Your data is normally only processed within the EU. When selecting companies to provide services we ensure they are either based in the EU or have contractual arrangements that afford at least the same level of protection as EU regulation requires.

Transferring YOUR data

Sometimes it is necessary to access your data outside of the EU. This could be where a member of our staff is working overseas, or we are using a third party based in a non-EU country. Where this happens we take precautions to ensure your data is afforded the same respect as if it were here in the UK.

We do not sell your data. Nor do we disclose it to other parties unless:

they are a service provider to us

we are legally obliged to (for example, if a law enforcement agency serves a warrant)

we transfer the ownership of the business in whole or part to another organisation.

Getting YOUR data right

We aim to keep our data as accurate as possible. If you think anything we know about you is wrong, please let us know and we’ll work with you to fix it.

Removing YOUR data

If you don’t want us to process your personal data please let us know. You need to be aware that while we’ll remove what we can, there is data that we need to retain for business, contractual and legal reasons.

For example, we have to retain project and financial data for 7 years after the project has ended. 

If you’re on one of our mailing lists, just click on the “unsubscribe” button and you’ll be removed from that list.

Project related activities

Where we have a separate contract that you are include in (for example, where we work on a project with you or your employer) the terms of that contract will override anything contained in this privacy policy.

Terms and Conditions.

The following terms and conditions apply to your use of our websites.

Information Only

The contents of our websites are provided for information purposes only. No liability is accepted for any action you may or may not take as a result of accessing our websites.


All content is copyright of Dalmeny Close Ltd. All rights are reserved. No permission is given for reproduction or reuse of our content, including but not limited to words, images and other media.

Copyright not held by us is noted on the pages assets are used.

Amendments to These Policies

We may make amendments to this document from time to time. Each visit to our websites indicates your acceptance at the revised terms.


The courts of England and English law shall apply to this site and your use of it.

This page was updated on 11th November 2019.