Reset: time to stop echoing doom and start supporting small business

Reset: time to stop echoing doom and start supporting small business

The Director General of the United Nations has warned efforts to combat climate change are losing momentum. An endless stream of reports and warnings has demotivated the population, created a sense of helplessness. This site has been a party to the echo chamber.

When I started These Social Times, I wanted to focus on social responsibility from a purely business perspective. It was meant to concentrate on helping SMEs run their businesses in a way that was sustainable – both economically and socially. With everyone running around telling consumers to ditch plastic and avoid this brand or that, I wanted to help small business owners transform to meet these new demands without breaking the bank.

We lost focus in the chase for rankings

Instead, I found myself caught up in a chase for SEO rankings and social media presence. Daily news summaries appeared, repeating every other news story that every other “green” media site had covered. I realised I’d crossed a line when I spent two days analysing India’s green energy strategy. How does that help a small shop owner lower their CO2 levels or make their store more accessible?

There are echoes of the original plans dotted around the site. Opinion pieces offer personal insight into developments and topics, they just lack the B2B focus. The same could be said of the “guides” published over the past couple of weeks about eco-paints and electric commercial vehicles.

It’s not enough.

So a reset is coming. The news will stay in an archive, but won’t come at you daily. There will be more profiles of products and services that could benefit your business. More buyers guides will follow, more analysis of news and initiatives that can support you as you transform into a socially responsible enterprise. Less about renewable energy installations and doom-mongering reports.

Time to be an agent of change

The Director General was right. There’s so much negativity and it’s wearing us down. It’s time to cut back through that, get back to what this site was supposed to be about: supporting small and growing businesses in the quest to be more sustainable and socially responsible.

It’s time to stop being an echo for doom and instead be a force for change.

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