Wind to power jobs, fintech supports sustainability and pollution on the tube

Wind to power jobs, fintech supports sustainability and pollution on the tube

Significant swell in North Sea offshore wind jobs expected, report claims – Energy Voice

Developing offshore wind farms could mean 100,000 jobs by the mid 2020s. It could be a substantial boost, but only if people with the right skills are available.

Renewables to overtake fossil fuels in UK energy mix in 2020 – Business Green

Although the decline of fossil fuels is welcome, the UK is still burning biomass. But what's driving this growth and can it be sustained?

Dabawenyos urged to follow ‘zero waste lifestyle’ – Malaysia Sun

As part of its drive to reduce waste to "zero", the residents and businesses of Davao, Malaysia are being asked to following some simple steps.

How the digital finance revolution can drive sustainable development – World Economic Forum

As world leaders gather in Davos, one of the questions on the table is how to support sustainable development. Could Fintech provide a solution?

The Environmental, Urbanist Case for ‘Human Composting’ – CityLab

When we die our bodies are put in the ground or burned. What if there was a third way that turned us into compost? Washington state is about to vote on whether to allow this sometimes controversial method.

Fixing the environment: when solutions become problems – France24

Solving the world's problems can create new ones. Desalination plants have given millions fresh water, but left brine in the oceans. What other problems have we solved, only to create new ones?

In its second act, rebooted food-waste startup Obeo is ready to take on new markets – Fora

Irish food waste recycler nearly vanished last year after the high cost of maintaining a distribution channel broke it. Now it's back, focusing on online sales and promising to stay lean.

Redemption Roasters are brewing up solutions for young offenders with coffee – The Big Issue

Programs to help young offenders can make a positive impact. This social enterprise is aiming to give newly released offenders skills in the coffee trade.

PG&E May Be Business World’s Biggest Climate-Change Casualty Yet – Bloomberg

The Californian utility is heading towards bankruptcy. The firm is citing the impact of climate change as a major contributing factor, but is that the whole story?

Could fabricated soils be the key to global food security? – University of Plymouth

The UK's Eden Project has created over 80,000 tonnes of fabricated soil. Could this technology be the solution to the loss of usable agricultural land affecting food security?

Trump′s wall poses serious threat to endangered widlife – DW

The proposed wall across the Mexican / US border could stop more than people from migrating. Environmentalists are raising concerns the barrier will interfere with about 60 endangered species, plus hundreds more at risk.

Ministers to review Durham open-cast mine decision – The Guardian

Explosions within 500 metres of people's homes are due to start in the next few weeks as the UK goes hunting for coal. Will the Government act in time to stop both environment damage and harm to people's lives?

How Bad Is Air Pollution on the London Underground? – CityLab

Science has proven what commuters already know: the Tube is horrifically polluted. In some places the air is 30 times more polluted than allowed on street level. Can TFL do anything about it though?

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