Vegan vs sustainable fashion, KFC & Samsung commitments, Iowa farms reducing water pollution

Vegan vs sustainable fashion, KFC & Samsung commitments, Iowa farms reducing water pollution

Vegan fashion versus sustainable fashion – The Ecologist

Vegan fashion has been growing in importance over the past few years. A perception that "animal free" materials are environmentally friendly by default has grown up in some quarters. But is this a true reflection of manufacturing processes? And what is the difference between vegan and sustainable fashion?

Samsung Electronics goes environment-friendly in packaging – Maeil Business News Korea

The Korean electronics manufacturer has taken a major step forwards in reducing the environmental impact of its products. Plastic is being removed from its packaging, replacing the molds its phones sat in with pulp and wrapping the boxes in paper. There are product changes too, expect to see matte chargers as the plastic film used to give them their shine is dropped.

KFC commits to sustainable packaging globally – Recycling Today

The fast food giant has joined the ranks of companies committing to reduce plastic and improve the environmental footprint of their packaging. The steps they're taking give a hint at how difficult the task is to reduce waste globally and maintain brand.

Vertical farming: A sustainable solution to food insecurity? – Food Navigator

As urban populations grow, the environmental impact is being felt in the food supply chain. Shortening it means bringing food production closer to consumers, not easy in the dense urban environment where land is rarely set aside for agriculture. Growing crops on the outsides of buildings could be part of the solution.

New fisheries law to enhance sustainable food production – Busiweek

Over 20 per cent of Uganda's surface area is water and aquaculture is a significant contributor both to health and the country's food. The introduction of new legislation should protect both its food security and ensure sustainable, low impact fisheries and aquaculture thrive.

Iowa producer doing right for the environment – National Hog Farmer

Run-off from farming can contaminate waterways and tables, affecting water quality for other uses. Steps are being taken by the Iowa Pork Producers Association to reduce the impact of pig farms by covering some of the costs of installing buffers to protect water and reactors to generate energy from waste.

Corporations’ Hunger for Clean Power Has Never Been Bigger – Bloomberg

Corporate clean energy deals more than doubled in volume in 2018 compared with the year before. As concern for environmental protection and the need to offset the impact of business activities grows, this number looks sets to increase substantially in the years ahead.

Brutalist concrete of old Yugoslavia inspires new generation – BBC News

Three decades after the violence that tore Yugoslavia apart, urban historians are rediscovering its old architecture. Are there lessons for modern planners to learn in how Belgrade organised and structured its communities?

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