Feeding fish sustainably, Formula-E goes greener, Millennials push green agenda

Feeding fish sustainably, Formula-E goes greener, Millennials push green agenda

Plant-based feed won’t make aquaculture more sustainable – New Food Economy

As global demand for seafood rises, the need to make farming more sustainable is increasing. Fishmeal, the various sea creatures that farmed fish feed on, is becoming more difficult to source, leading to plant-based feeds being introduced. But is feeding fish a sustainable option, or should the industry be looking for alternative ways to increase fishmeal production?

How To Feed 530 Million Europeans With Sustainable Food By 2050 – CleanTechnica

Europe's food ecosystem is unsustainable. Europeans eat too much, eat the wrong things and their food is rich in chemicals and CO2 footprints. Fortunately there is a way forward, and with clear targets throughout the food chain could turn the situation around.

The environment: Flushing fatbergs – Irish Examiner

As Easter approaches, Clean Coasts and Irish Water have launched a joint campaign against fatbergs. They're encouraging people not to wash oil, gravy and other residues from their Easter dinners down the sink. The objective is to reduce the number and size of fatbergs springing up in the republic's sewage systems.

Grand Jury: San Marcos Companies Polluted Environment, Jeopardized Public Health – Times of San Diego

Three companies in San Diego have been prosecuted for tampering with pollution control devices on their trucks. As well as disabling the devices, which warned drivers of problems with pollution filters, they punched holes in the filters to keep the engines working without repairs. Punishments ranged from 5 years suspended sentences to 5 months in jail.

Why Pacific Biodiesel launched a beauty company – Fast Company

A biodiesel producer in Hawai'i started out recycling cooking oil heading for landfill. More than two decades later, the company is sourcing produce directly from farmers and growing its own crops too. Then a chance discovery saw it turn its skills at milling oil out of crops to extracting it for the beauty industry.

How Sustainable Lighting Choices Can Keep You Healthy – Innovation & Tech Today

Could how we light our homes keep us healthy? One company thinks so, and has release a range of products that it claims kills 99.9 per cent of germs without resorting to chemicals. The key? Generating light that more closely matches natural daylight's violent and UV properties.

Formula E rolling out sustainable signage and branding for Rome E-Prix – RACER

Enjoying motorsport needn't be destructive for the environment. For several years, the FIA has run Formula-E, an EV based street racing series that's attracted a strong fan base. In their quest to reduce the environmental impact of entertainment they've introduced incremental improvements as the series as matures. The latest effort will see the branding and signage around the track made from low-impact, sustainable materials.

Corporate social responsibility: a critical role for global mobility professionals – Relocate magazine

The business benefits for Corporate Social Responsibility are well documented, with positive impacts on top and bottom line. There is one class of professional who can do more than most to influence this - the "Global Mobility Professionals" that help corporations move around the globe.

Small shifts can stop climate change—if they happen in the right places – Popular Science

Combating environmental change isn't just about the grand gestures countries and companies are so proud of. Small changes correctly targeted can have profound impacts too. Sensitive Intervention Points, like getting companies to disclose their carbon production, could trigger behaviours and a tipping point that benefits us all.

Plugging into a renewable tomorrow – Sentinel & Enterprise

The "New Green Deal" may have died in the Senate, but in individual states it lives on. A new generation of "millennial" politicians are pursuing the green agenda, and winning support for it. Massachusetts Is one state where vocal politicians are supporting moves at state and national level.

Algeria To Protect Marine Environment – Marine Link

A workshop in Alger, Algeria, has prepared the government for implementing the London Protocol in protecting marine eco systems. It's a reminder that while the US, Europe and China might dominate the news, a global effort is underway to protect the environment.

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