Financing irrigation, a hybrid flying taxi and mining in Chile

Financing irrigation, a hybrid flying taxi and mining in Chile

“Uber for Irrigation” and Other Novel Ways to Finance a Farmer-Led Revolution in Africa – Agrilinks

"Pay-as-you-go" and microfinance are two of the techniques being used to help African farmers boost productivity and end localised hunger.

A Vision For Social Housing – Shelter England

The charity for homelessness is recommending a mass building programme and regulation for private and social landlords. It could be a major step forward for the UK's social housing crisis.

Family’s modern farmhouse combines salvaged and sustainable materials – Inhabitat

A mix of reclaimed materials were blended with sustainably sourced new ones for this family home. Perhaps "grand" in its design, could the same approach be used for more modest homes?

Bath Abbey to be heated using water from city’s hot springs – The Guardian

Instead of dumping excess water from the city's natural springs into the Avon, it could be used to heat the historic building.

UK unveils small-scale RE lifeline – reNews – Renewable Energy News

After announcing the end of one subsidy, the UK Government has started consultations on its replacement. Will it limit the damage being done by ending FiT?

A New Fuel Source Can Power Kenya’s Industries While Saving Forests. So Why Isn’t it Taking Off? – World Resources Institute

Kenya still relies on firewood for industry and cooking. Having lost almost 10% of its forests within two decades, entrepreneurs are looking for alternatives to setting fire to trees. Until they can scale their operations to meet widespread demands, their innovative solutions will remain niche.

Bell’s hybrid-electric flying car will be available via Uber by the ‘mid-2020s’ – The Verge

Although it's grabbing headlines with Uber, Bell thinks their hybrid aircraft will have wider applications than being "just" a taxi. Could we really see it fly by the middle of the next decade?

2018: The Year of 100% Clean Energy – Greentech Media

While arguments raged about renewable energy, US states and cities moved forwards with ambitious plans. This is how some of them are implementing policies Federal Government won't mandate.

Chile okays lithium miner SQM’s plan to remedy water violations

Extracting lithium for use in batteries has an environmental cost. In Chile there is competition for scare water in some areas, prompting government action to protect local people while the globe demands power.

JAX Tyres announces 89-site Australian EV charging network – Drive Zero

By installing charging points in all of its stores, the Australian tyre reseller is helping extend the utility of electric vehicles. More so if it can maintain its promise that a top-up will be "free forever".

A sustainable office block comes to life in Switzerland - Livegreen

Constructed near Dübendorf near Zurich, this prefabricated building for two federal agencies, is built from materials that can be recycled, reused or composted when its life ends. It's a dramatic contribution to sustainable development that doesn't compromise on breath taking design.

Why potato means bad news in Punjab now – DownToEarth

Potato prices have collapsed in the Indian state, leading to farmers abandoning crops by the roads or ploughing it back into the earth. Is Modi's demonetisation programme to blame? Or is this a correction after decades of reliance on "black money"?

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