Creating a green business model, philanthropy and business merge, renting furniture at Ikea

Creating a green business model, philanthropy and business merge, renting furniture at Ikea

Society and customers expect more, and a sustainable business model delivers – GreenBiz

Creating a green business model can benefit a business in reduced cost, lower environmental impact and more loyal customers. It requires more than trying to layer "green" tags on top of existing operations though. Marsha Willard of the Presidio Graduate School demonstrates how a thoughtful, thorough approach to business model design will produce a longer lasting, easier to manage and more honest business.

Pitch to put solar panels on Longmont schools sparks renewable energy debate – Longmont Times-Call

An interesting battle of renewable approaches has broken out in North Colorado. The Community for Sustainable Energy is championing placing solar panels on schools and other public buildings, then selling the energy to the local grid. Opposed to this is City Councilwoman Marcia Martin, but not for the usual "climate change denial" reasons. Her argument is there's no battery component to the proposals, which would limit the benefit the building owners could gain. Instead of acting now, she advocates waiting until the storage component can be worked through properly.

Japanese businesses test blockchain to trade renewable energy – Renewable Energy World

LO3 energy is trialing an energy marketplace in Japan with local energy provider Marubeni. The trial delivers electricity to participating businesses using standard grid, but a blockchain market is used to allow companies to verify the "green credentials" of power being put in. In short, if you use 1kWh of green power, you can evidence 1kWh has been put into the grid from a renewable source. It's an important first step for Japan's changing energy markets, and one that could rapidly expand if proven successful.

‘Policies failed’: CCC issues quietly damning assessment of UK climate policy progress

The UK is making impressive strides to reduce its CO2 emissions and track towards a "net-zero" economy. However, the Climate Change Committee, which advises the Government, has noted policy is failing to address key areas such as agriculture, EV adoption and forestry. Indeed, they claim the medium term reduction targets could be missed. Once Brexit has run its course there could be a reckoning for failing climate change policies, although by then it may require even more radical action.

The Boundaries are Blurring Between Philanthropy and Business – Pro Bono Australia

Has "Corporate Social Responsibility" gone too far? Or is the increasing willingness of companies to engage in philanthropy just a reflection on changing society? Michael Moody argues we need to rethink what we mean by "doing good", particularly as increasing numbers are looking at the good a firm does as a factor in their buying decisions.

Amazon (AMZN) Agrees to Reveal Carbon Footprint in 2019 – Bloomberg

After years of resisting pressure, Amazon is set to reveal its impact on the environment. There could be a shock in store. While online shopping is less energy intensive than visiting a store, their 2 day delivery promise could be negating many of the benefits.

5 Tips For Becoming More Sustainable –

Franchises may have limited options when it comes to sustainability. Often restricted by the products, branding and operational demands of the Franchiser, business owners can find themselves tied to someone else's commitment (or otherwise). There are positive steps that can be taken to stay on-brand and reduce environmental impacts.

IKEA rental furniture to be offered as part of wider sustainable push – De Zeen

In the latest push to reduce its environmental impact and service changing customer needs, Ikea is planning to rent furniture. The trial will start in Switzerland and be limited to office furniture while they test the concept. It joins a growing portfolio of concepts and commitments the flat-pack giant has made.

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