Circular fashion, fishing in Japan, green commercial buildings

Circular fashion, fishing in Japan, green commercial buildings

Can a circular fashion system save us all? – Vogue Australia

Ellen MacArthur may be famous for sailing around the world on her own, but her experience prompted something more profound. Now she's proactively encouraging the fashion industry to focus on sustainability - and she's quite good at it.

India sees encouraging rise of green finance – India Climate Dialogue

The growth of Asia's "megacities" is creating demand for sustainable, renewable products, services and infrastructure. It's a big opportunity for investors and India is hoping to capitalise on this to fund its growing ambitions.

Ethique: Sustainable, environmentally friendly beauty company crowd-funded millions –

This "Clean Beauty" company is on a mission to reduce waste and improve sustainability in the way we clean and present ourselves. There are valuable lessons in its ethos and practices that could be applied elsewhere.

Germany’s renewable success masks a fixation with coal

Germany’s renewable success masks a fixation with coal

Running on the roof and ideas in a garden – ECNS

New Jindai Primary School in China has put sustainability at the core of its existence. From vegetable patches on the campus to "green development" classes, is this a model for a more holistic form of education?

Buoys, fisheries and aquaculture join the internet of things – The Japan Times

Japan's love of technology is impacting the fishing industry. Smart buoys are guiding fishing fleets on what catch to expect and how to keep stocks sustainable. Without government intervention and changes to consumer behaviour, this may just be another tech gimmick.

Success is sustainable for designer turning waste into fashion statement – The Guardian

Christopher Raeburn has put sustainability at the core of his fashion brand. This profile digs deeper into his ethos and looks at wider questions being asked in the fashion industry.

Sustainable Community Transportation – Now and In The Future – Eco Warrior Princess

Effective public transport could be a powerful way to reduce localised pollution and improve standards of living. From self-driving busses to elevated cycle routes, these are some of the projects that could make a difference.

Connecticut hoping to increase renewable energy in 2019 – The Day

The US state is another that's bypassing President Trump's federal move away from green energy. As it increases the amount of renewables it purchases it is facing another problem: ageing energy plants that will soon need investment to renew or replace.

Developers go green with sustainable design, tech in commercial buildings – Hindustan Times

India's commercial developers are seeing benefits from building "green friendly" properties. But is further action needed by central and state governments to accelerate the pace of change?

RBG wants your old Christmas trees – Hamilton Spectator

Recycled seasonal trees are being used to build a dam in Canada that could protect marshland from an unwanted carp invasion.

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