These Social Times : who we are what we’re aiming to do

Social responsibility, ethical investing and circular economics are becoming important driving forces in consumer and business behaviour. Our aim is to provide an aggregate news service for consumers, business researchers and other interested parties that informs and educates on these issues.

We are doing this by providing two main types of content:

aggregated news drawn from across the web, with the intention of being a primary news source

in-depth reviews, analysis and commentary on issues within the social responsibility field

We’re aiming to do this with a particular focus on the micro, small and medium sized business.

At present we’re in our Beta phase, testing content sources, SEO and other operational activities. We intend on launching fully towards the end of 2020.

Our editorial policy

We adhere to three key principles:

  • No link is added unless it has been read and checked by a human being
  • Content we produce is carefully checked for accuracy before it is published
  • Products, services and people we feature, promote or accept sponsorship from must demonstrate they are socially responsible

Our advertising policy

At present we are considering which advertising network to use. Our priority is ensuring we can filter advertisers to only those in line with our CSR objectives, as well as ensuring compliance with GDPR.

We will be using affiliate and associate accounts to generate referral fees for products and services we think may be beneficial to readers. Again, we endeavour to ensure these come from socially responsible suppliers.

Towards the start of Q1, 2020 we are looking to start our own advertising and content sponsorship programmes.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions, please contact us.